For Buyers

For Buyers

Dream.  Evaluate.  Buy.  Move in.

key_ring_with_house_large_kmrealtyBuying a home is one of the most important decisions most people make in their lifetime. When you hire me as your Real Estate Broker to represent your needs as a buyer, I am there to represent YOUR best interests.

Q: What exactly is a Buyer’s Agent?
A: A real estate agent that represents the Buyer exclusively and has minimal responsibilities to the seller. Many Real Estate Brokers require the Buyer to sign a contract that binds them to the agent.

Q: What will hiring a Buyer’s Agent cost?
A: Hiring an agent to represent you will most likely not cost you anything. When a seller lists their home for sale, they have already agreed to pay a commission. The listing Real Estate Broker offers the home for sale on the MLS and includes a buyer’s Real Estate Broker commission in that agreement.

A: As your Equity Real Estate Broker, I can assist you in the selection process by providing objective information about the home. As your Equity Real Estate Broker, I have access to resources to help you determine the best offering price for the property such as, how long the home has been on the market, what other homes are selling for, etc.

A: As your Equity Real Estate Broker, I can help you negotiate. There are many factors other than price that will affect your decision to buy a home. Other factors that may affect your home buying process are financing, terms, date of possession, inspections, etc.

A: As your Equity Real Estate Broker, I can help you navigate your way to a successful closing. There can be many obstacles throughout the home buying process. As your Equity Real Estate Broker, I am trained to help you overcome the detours and resolve any potential issues to move forward to a successful closing.

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