Eco Lifestyle And Home News – July 2019

Eco Lifestyle And Home News – July 2019

Dear Friends, Clients, Business Associates and Neighbors,

July 2019 marks the thirty-first edition of Eco Lifestyle and Home Newsletter produced by Kachina Mountain Realty. We offer Real Estate & Lifestyle news in the email newsletter covering Santa Fe, Taos Ski Valley, Taos County and beyond.

In this edition, we offer the following:

  • Lifestyle: Encourage
  • Real Estate Market Update
  • Money Matters
  • Santa Fe Real Estate News
  • Taos County Real Estate News
  • Home Decor Insights – featuring Debbie DeMarais
  • Introducing Sierra, our new puppy!
  • Calendar of Event Links for Santa Fe, Taos Ski Valley, Taos County & all around New Mexico
  • Entertainment Links for Santa Fe, Taos County & around New Mexico








 “To ease or relieve emotional distress.
To set right; repair.”

I have been a “follower” of Louise Hay since the early 1980’s. She is one of the first teachers to advocate the power of positive thinking. Her books on daily affirmations, recordings and movies have always inspired me. More than 50 million copies of “You Can Heal Your Life” have been sold throughout the world. Louise offer tools and insights to help you heal your life. If you are not familiar with her work, you must check out her websites:  &

“Through Louise’s healing techniques and positive philosophy, millions have learned to create more of what they want in their lives–more wellness in their bodies, minds, and spirits.”
From Louise Hay’s website:

How to Heal

How you can heal your life or heal your body has been a constant human quest throughout time. Some people choose natural healing or holistic healing paths incorporating alternative healing methods such as healing herbs or crystal healing, while others choose faith healing using healing scriptures or healing hands.

Alternative Healing
Regardless of the healing program chosen, the restorative healing process is complicated by the lack of knowledge regarding the interaction between spiritual healing and physiological healing, leading many to seek holistic healing via alternative healing methods at natural healing centers.

What is Healing?
After all, what is healing? Healing refers to correcting a problem, and knowing exactly what needs to be healed can go a long way towards self-healing. Sometimes the healing power of a caring, reiki healing touch can lead to a natural healing, similar to a shaman healing. Yet for others, no-touch energy healing, or pranic healing, is exactly what is needed for self-healing.

Healing Process
And for others, to achieve self-healing, instead of using traditional healing prayers, reciting healing quotes or attending a healing retreat for spiritual healing is the healing code needed for true metaphysical healing.

Heal Your Life | Heal Your Body: How to heal your life is your choice – take the time to explore the many new age healing alternatives available today to heal your body and life.

Thank you for reading our newsletter & feel free to pass it on to other kindred spirits. ~ Dianne McKenzie

Real Estate Market Update 

Real Estate Market Update


Contact: Beth Stephens, 2019 President (505) 501-3088
Paco Arguello, Chief Executive (505) 982-8385

1st QUARTER 2019
Overall City, County Home and Condo Sales Slow

(Santa Fe, NM –April 2, 2019) County median home prices rose by nearly 20% from $441,685 in 2018 to $529,000 in the same Quarter of 2019. County home sales dropped by 11% from 164 units sold in 2018 to 146 this quarter. During this same period, City of Santa Fe median home prices dipped by about 3% from $364,750 in the 1st Quarter of 2018 to $354,269 this quarter.City home sales dropped by nearly 22% with 188 units sold this quarter compared to 240 in the 1st  Quarter of 2018. The overall volume of home sales decreased with the slowing in sales from $209.1Min 2018 to $190.2 Min the 1st Quarter of 2019.

Condo and townhome sales fell by 15% during the 1st Quarter of 2019 for a total of 101units sold compared to119 in the 1st Quarter of 2018. The median price of condos and townhomes rose by about 7% or from $245,000 in the 1st Quarter of 2018 to $262,000 in 2019. Overall land sales increased by 8%from 60in the same Quarter of 2018 to 65 this quarter. Total City and County median land sale prices dropped by about 14% or $127,500 in 2018 to $110,000 this quarter.  

Inventory of homes for sale decreased 17% from a total of 1,081 in the 1st Quarter of 2018 to 898 this quarter. With median prices generally rising and record low inventory, housing affordability fell to an index of 76% of what is necessary to qualify for a median-priced home under prevailing interest rates. This percentage is up modestly from late 2018 with the Federal Reserve recently announcing that no further interest rate hikes are planned for 2019.

“Wintry weather conditions especially when compared to the mild, dry winter of 2018 along with record low inventories inSanta Fe’s housing market helped to slow overall sales in the 1st Quarter of 2019,” stated Beth Stephens, 2019 President of the Santa Fe Association of REALTORS®. “While home and condo prices remain strong in our market, the halt on interest rate increases for 2019 should help keep both prices and sales stable as we enter Santa Fe’s spring selling season,” she added.

The median sales price is determined from only those sales listed on the Santa Fe Association of REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service, which does not include every sale in the area but has been used historically to track trends in the home buying market.

Read the Santa Fe Association of Realtors Quarterly Report »


Money Matters

Mortgage Rates Edge Lower to Remain in Recent Range


Jun 27 2019

Mortgage rates rose to the week’s highest levels yesterday, but they moved back down today.  Although there have been slightly better days over the past 2 weeks, today’s improvement is enough to keep rates in the best territory since November 2016.  For the average lender, this means top tier scenarios continue to see quotes in the high 3% range. 

In general, the expectation for more accommodative Fed policy at the next meeting (end of July) has been the primary source of inspiration for the most recent leg of 2019’s already-impressive rate rally.  It’s good to remember, however, that those expectations come from somewhere.  No one would expect the Fed to cut rates if inflation was higher, a US/China trade deal hammered out, or economic data coming in universally stronger.  While it’s practically impossible for all of those underlying factors to reverse course overnight, there is a risk that something positive comes out of the G20 summit in the next 2 days and that next week’s economic data comes in much stronger than expected.  Bottom line: there continues to be a risk of a bigger move and more volatility ahead.

 Read the current days news at: Mortgage Daily News »


Santa Fe Real Estate News

Santa Fe Real Estate News

Santa Fe Lot with Views

New Listing
47 Tierra Grande, Lot 6

Residential Lot 2.76 acres | Price: $ 150,000 | 
MLS #201901056

Come build your dream home in this private idyllic enclave of exceptional homes before the opportunity is gone.



Tierra Grande is an upscale intimate 16 home community located on the west side of Santa Fe with sweeping 360˚ views. There are only 4 custom homes left-to-be built in this highly desirable neighborhood. Lot 6, 47 Tierra Grande, is a 2.76 acre site with an easy building site for a single level home. The two contiguous lots on either side are built out.

This south facing site has dramatic views to the east Sangre de Cristo mountain range & long breathtaking vistas to the Sandia & Ortiz mountains to the south. West sunset views beckons you to relax & experience the beauty of the Jemez range with the twinkling lights of Los Alamos at night. Flexible covenants allow for a variety of building architectural style options, including northern New Mexico pitched roof, contemporary & pueblo designs.

The property is allowed 2 horses, with access to miles of riding trails. This coveted location, has 2 shared community wells with generous water usage permitted. There is no timeline to build, so secure your piece of paradise now & build when you are ready! HOA dues include road maintenance. Easy access, located 6 miles/12 minutes from the Santa Fe plaza, on paved roads, Tierra Grande loop road will be chipped sealed this summer.

Download the PDF Brochure »
View the website »

Why buy an existing home with lots of compromises, when you can build your dream to suit your needs?

Incredible value & priced to sell!


Aldea Stats 

2019 Stats: Sold, Pending, Listed               

Aldea Stats

SOLD: 12 Homes, DOM 40 | 0 Lots, DOM 0
PENDING: 4 Homes | 0 Lots
LISTED: 4 Homes, Avg $507,000 | 5 Lots, Avg $70,800

Aldea de Santa Fe consists of 345 acres, with 205 acres of perpetual open space with 13 miles of walking trails, basketball & tennis courts, community center, (which offers yoga classes, exercise equipment & gathering space for events), a local cafe, superbly located in the high-value northwest corridor of Santa Fe County, with easy access to Highway 599, all just 10 minutes from downtown Santa Fe.

Aldea listings are very limited due to low inventory.




Las Campanas Real Estate News

2019 Stats: Sold, Pending, Listed


Las Campanas Real Estate News

SOLD: 126 Homes, DOM 224  | 23 Lots, DOM 247
PENDING: 16 Homes | 11 Lots
LISTED: 35 Homes, Avg $1,774,340 | 62 Lots, Avg $157,283

Las Campanas Realty recently shared that 2018 was a record year in terms of sales and average sale prices since the downturn a decade ago for both the developer and the overall community. Average home prices for resales (excluding new construction) increased 9%, while average homesite prices increased 12.5% for the overall community and 15% for the developer. The demand for many to find the perfect location to enjoy the best four-season weather in the nation, a world-class private club and a special city that is recognized for its rich culture and diverse art community, makes Santa Fe the perfect fit. “Many buyers this year were already sold on Santa Fe and Las Campanas. They just needed to find the perfect site within the Las Campanas community,” says Jonathan Bartlett, VP of Sales for Las Campanas Realty.

Las Campanas is the only luxury master-planned community in Santa Fe. Stretching across 4,700 acres surrounded by pristine high desert, the community is comprised of exclusive neighborhoods. Las Campanas is also home to The Club at Las Campanas, where members can enjoy two award-winning Jack Nicklaus Signature golf courses, the 46,000 square foot Hacienda Clubhouse, a peerless Equestrian Center and the Fitness & Tennis Center, which includes a luxurious spa.

There are currently 35 homes for sale in Las Campanas.

  • 4 Homes under $1,000,000
  • 31 Homes over $1,000,000

There are currently 62 Lots for sale in Las Campanas.

  • 19 Lots under $100,000
  • 43 Lots over $100,000

Let me take you on a tour in Las Campanas!




Marketing Properties, Not Just Listing Properties

If you are thinking of selling your property, why not list it with a realtor who will market the property, not just list it in the MLS? By actively marketing your property, the property gets the most exposure to other realtors and to the general public through online blogging, email campaigns & the typical MLS exposure.

Call me, Dianne, 505.603.9300, to discuss your property needs, or for a tour of Lots & Homes in Aldea, Las Campanas and the Santa Fe region.

Visit the website for Santa Fe information:
Visit the Kachina Mountain Realty company main website:


Taos Real Estate News

Taos Real Estate News

 I receive inquiries almost daily from out of town buyers who are researching homes in the Taos area. These buyer profiles are looking to live in a safe community, with a country atmosphere, small homes, with flexible spaces. They are wanting to move to the area, but can’t find the properties that offer amenities that don’t include huge HOA fees. They want walking trails, localized eateries, a small grocery store, community activities and a sense of neighborhood. The are either downsizing their home and retiring or wanting a second home. They are wanting to go smaller, but the quality of their lifestyle and home features are upscale. “Does such a community even exist?” they ask.


In the coming months, I will be featuring such a community.

Selling & Buying Real Estate in Taos

If you have been thinking about selling your home, now is probably a good time. Inventory is low and the demand for quality homes is up.

If you been looking to buy a home, you are probably frustrated with the lack of quality homes on the market at any price point.



Home Decor Insights

Home Decor Insights

Is Decluttering Really “Life-Changing”?

Written  by Debbie DeMarais homestagingsantafe

One service I provide for both my home staging clients and interior design clients is decluttering assistance. While you might think decluttering is simply tidying up your closets, cleaning out drawers, and getting rid of old books, it actually goes much deeper than that. And the results are quite profound.



The Emotional Element

Marie Kondo, the insightful developer of the KonMari Method™ and the author of the best-selling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” has really raised awareness around the power of decluttering. Her techniques focus on finding an emotional connection with a possession to determine if it should be kept or let go. I’ve found the wisdom of Marie Kondo’s approach to be helpful when considering how best to support my own decluttering clients.

At its most basic level, the decluttering process clears your home of excess. But I’ve seen that it also brings a profound awareness to our relationship with the things that surround us. So many of my clients have gained deep fulfillment through the decluttering process, and I’m able to offer a variety of methodologies to help them succeed.

Heirloom Quality?

Here’s an example: think of the grandfather clock or your great-grandmother’s china you’ve hung on to for years, only to realize you’ve never liked it in the first place but held on to it, moving it from house to house because, “It’s a family heirloom!” You assume your adult children will want it, but discover they have no interest in cluttering their homes with these old hand-me downs.

These items are not, as they once were, treasured and appreciated. They no longer hold any connection to the past and they don’t fit in your home or with your current lifestyle. A commitment to decluttering and using an emotional test like The Konmari Method™ gives us permission to let go of the guilt associated with letting these things move on.

Feng Shui is another practice that teaches the positive effects of decluttering. It frees up more space and energy in your home and allows you to experience something greater on a subconscious level. It gives you the ability to invite more creativity, have meaningful relationships, and enjoy a balanced home or office environment, one that is suited to who you are and compliments your lifestyle.

What Happens Next?

After the process of letting go and decluttering, many of my clients ask me how they define how to furnish their house. They ask: “What is my style and how do I pull it all together?” This is where the fun begins as a designer!

I start the conversation by looking at what was “saved” and seeing what is important to you. We discover your likes and dislikes, how you live, and size up the floor plans to start defining a style you can live with. After that, we select furnishings and decor, then pull it all together to create a design for your home you truly appreciate and love, surrounded only by what brings you joy.

Freedom From Clutter

Decluttering, whether you are preparing to sell or staying in your home, is a powerful tool that helps keep a check on whether or not you are surrounding yourself with items you love. And it’s the first step in finding your particular style to create the home and lifestyle that expresses who you are. You may even discover you have more time to enjoy life.

A lifestyle change like decluttering doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s not the easiest thing you’ll ever do. That’s why I’m here. Having someone help you with the process can make all the difference. If you’re looking to start a new chapter in your life story, starting with freedom from clutter, give me a call today.
~ Debbie DeMarais, Home Staging Santa Fe.

Footnote From Dianne McKenzie, Kachina Mountain Realty:

I want to strongly endorse Debbie & her services. As many of you might already know, Debbie staged my recent listing, 24 Camino Esperanza. This listing had a full price offer in 9 days on the market. It was Debbie’s staging that helped make that happen. I have know Debbie throughout my real estate career, and she also wrote for my first newsletter years back. I have always wanted to work with her on a seller’s home staging and finally we had the right seller in need of her services. Debbie not only staged this house, her team was hired to help organize, pack and remove all the sellers unwanted furniture to various re-sale shops around Santa Fe. Her team, which included Michelle Moreland, of The Lone Arranger, helped my clients transition from their life in Santa Fe, to the start of a new chapter in their life. Between the very cooperative Sellers, to the whole team that included the realtor who organized the resource team (myself), staging (which included home repairs/home maintenance, Debbie), and the home services (de-cluttering, storing, organizing, Michelle), we were able to meet a tight schedule and get the property marketed within a very short time frame, resulting in the sale of the most expensive home sold in Aldea in the last 2 years. This is proof of great team work and a willing seller.

For ideas on decorating with autumn in mind, check out Pinterest and explore a whole new way to spend your time online and check out my Pinterest page: KachinaRealty  Happy pinning!
While you are surfing the “net” check out Flipboard for a variety of news and lifestyle reading.


Introducing Sierra 

Please welcome our silver female standard poodle puppy, Sierra, to our family.

Birthday: March 18, 2019

Adopted: May 21, 2019

Sierra comes from Desert Reef Standard Poodles in St. George Utah. While her coat looks black now, it is just beginning to change to her final color of “silver”.

As of this publishing date of July 1, Sierra will be 15 weeks old. This months theme discusses “Healing” as a positive philosophy. Sierra is helping us heal from our loss of Aeowyn by bringing us into the present. We are very grateful to her breeder, Karen Betker Green, for allowing us to adopt such a special little being. Sierra’s presence has already brought us much joy and laughter. Sierra is healing our hearts.

It has been over 15 years since we had a puppy in our household/office and we are re-learning a whole different life once again. While we thought we had “puppy proofed” the our household, Sierra has discovered all the ways to get our attention. She is very playful, energetic and sweetly loving. We will be sharing stories about Sierra in this section of Eco Lifestyle and Home News.

If you want to see more pictures of Sierra, we will be posting them on her web page at: Right now, the photos feature her arrival into the world on March 18, 2019 through the first week home with us, June 6. More photos will be continually posted on her own web page, so check back monthly, as we chronicle her life with us!



Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events New Mexico has long been a center for arts, culture, classes and gourmet food. With such a strong art market, there are hundreds galleries to explore and experience, along with a wide selection of thriving restaurants. Our Museums feature culture, history and traditions of the region and the world. Santa Fe, Taos County and beyond have something scheduled every day & night of the week, all year long.

Santa Fe »

All things Santa Fe »

Taos Ski Valley »

Taos County »

New Mexico Events Calendar »





If there’s one thing you can count on when spending time in New Mexico, it’s the treasured experiences and wide selection of entertainment: music venues, great sporting events, theatrical and musical entertainment as well as year-round festivals.

From festivals, music concerts and dance performances to theatrical offerings by local and touring groups, the performing artists work hard to keep its locals and visitors entertained by both New Mexico performers and acclaimed stars from around the world.

Santa Fe »

Taos County »

New Mexico »

About Kachina Mountain Realty

What makes me different?I am passionate about real estate development. I consider myself a “Dream Maker”, and strive to help my clients manifest their dreams and lifestyle goals.

I believe that, “…the dreams which accompany all human actions should be nurtured by the places in which people live and work”.

To promote this possibility, I encourages my clients to develop and share their dreams and lifestyle goals as part of the process of selling, buying or investing in property.

I have over thirty years of business experience as an executive producer, web architect, social media marketer, business developer, architecture assistant, real estate marketing developer and real estate consultant.

I am a licensed real estate qualifying broker for Kachina Mountain Realty & an accredited ACRE® real estate consultant. I have worked in the Santa Fe & Taos real estate market for years. I specialize in working with buyers and sellers who are looking for a solid real estate investment.

Contact me, Dianne McKenzie, for your real estate transactions & let me help you manifest your dreams!

I am readily available by cell phone, text, (505.603.9300) & email. I return calls promptly, seven days a week!


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